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Investment is the process of liquefying economy and earning profit from the investment. Current market investment includes investors like organizations, government, companies, and individuals. Even though the large companies and government organizations plays a major role in the economy market, the significant part is occupied by each individual investors. There are some main divisions on the individual investors.

Investments in Banking and Insurance

As banking and insurance is the safer side of investment, it attracts large peoples from economically middle stage families and old aged persons. The main theme for choosing banking is save the money and allows it to grow at the same time. Using trends in market predictions, the government and private banks attracts their customers by introducing new schemes. Fixed term deposits, interest rates, insurance policies and loan schemes are the major factors considered by the customers.

Apart from only investing and gaining profit from the bank, the people want to get a financial relationship with the banks. They need a financial support like loans for their future prospective. It is the fact that all other big organizations are financially supported by banks, whereas liquidity of banks is mainly depends on each individual. Though the banks have insurance schemes, the peoples mainly choose separate insurance companies.

Investments in Trading

Trading can be divided into money, goods and shares. After banking, people prefer to choose trading because of its high profit and liquidity in money movement. Selection of trading industry has been chosen by predicting the current market status and its future development. A person buying the shares of private companies depends on the company’s past success report and future business ideas. The main keywords for investing in trading are market filter-choosing the suitable market, Set up conditions-ability of one’s own investment, entry signal-stocks to buy in initial, protective stop-margin to avoid loss.

Investments in Property and Real Estate

It is third most major investment by people. The main reason for the Real estate business to attract huge amount of large scale and small investors is its less chance of loss and huge return of profit. Real estate somewhere means real property of land or immovable property. The rule and regulations for investing in this business differ from each country.

But the development of this business involves the major part of property brokers. Land brokers have the responsibility for both the buyer and customer relationships. Because it seems to be safe to have a real property instead of cash and business, real estate business has a considerable success over the past and also in future.

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